Harmony in Junior High


February 18th marked the 29th annual Junior High chorus competition at Shibumaku. Students from all three grades put their impressive musical abilities on display at the all-day event. Each grade sang an assigned song for their year and a song of their choosing. In the weeks leading up to the event, morning, lunch and afterschool practices gathered students in their homerooms where they worked out the kinks in their performances and filled the halls with song. The combination of teamwork, sweat and raw talent was evident in the students’ final recital.

Impressive to note was the fact that each class had a pianist who showed great skill and elegance and held the student audience’s rapt attention. One of the standout moments in the competition, however, was a result of no instrumental accompaniment; due to their pianist’s absence, one class was forced to sing without a backing piano. Even so, they showed great spirit and sang beautifully in time with the guidance of their conductor. Other conductors also really got into the music and used their whole body to convey the rhythm of the song. Their ability to hold their classmates in time and their apparent musical passion added energy and drama to the program.

Ultimately, it was the experience of the Junior 3 students that won out as 3-5, 3-1, and 3-8 took the top three spots in the competition. Congratulations to all students for their fine performances. Until next February—your public awaits!

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