Senior High School Entrance Examinations

There are a number of examinations conducted to screen eligible 15-year-old candidates for entry into our senior high school. They will be permitted entry if they pass one of these examinations. For a five-subject academic screening, candidates can take the “Koko Zenki Gakuryoku Senbatsu  Shiken” on the 19th January. If candidates want to be admitted for their special talent, for example athletics or arts, they can take the “Koko Zenki Tokubetsu Katsudo Senbatsu Shiken” on the same day, but cannot apply to both screenings. If candidates wish to enroll in our Returnee Advanced English Program, they are required to take the “Koko Zenki Kikokusei Senbatsu Shiken” on the 20th of January, which is an English proficiency test. Finally, for a three-subject academic screening, candidates can take the “Koko Koki Senbatsu Shiken” on the 7th of February, in which they are tested on Japanese Language Arts, Math, and English as a second language.

For further details on admissions, contact us by email at or by phone on +81-43-271-1221.


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