Career Guidance Seminar

Shibu-Maku holds an annual Career Guidance Seminar in which we invite pioneers in various fields to motivate our students to be interested in the future of the world and to inspire their imaginations about their own career. On November 26th, we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Sumio Matsumoto for this year’s Career Guidance Seminar. Dr. Matsumoto is a former president and current doctor emeritus of the Tokyo Medical Center.

Dr. Matsumoto delivered a speech entitled, “Through many Ups and Downs, I became a Pioneer before I knew It: The Challenges of Endoscopic Surgery, using Surgical Support Robots, and Remote Treatment.” Dr. Matsumoto spoke about his continued drive through various challenges to minimize the pain patients experience from surgery in order to open new paths that would otherwise be closed for patients. This speech was as passionate as the length of the title, so the audience was able to feel Dr. Matsumoto’s enthusiasm and warmth.

After Dr. Matsumoto concluded his speech, there was a Question and Answer session. Below, is one out of the many questions asked by our students:

Question: I was moved by your untiring efforts and integrity on behalf of patients. I would like to ask what drives you to open up new frontiers such as endoscopic surgery and remote treatment.

Answer: After graduating medical school, I researched immunology for nine years. At that time, it was well known that activated lymphocytes kill cancer cells. My research was focused on which cancer patients would benefit from activated lymphocytes. Despite my many attempts to answer this question, my effort was in vain. This was a decisive failure and a setback for me. After this experience, I encountered endoscopic surgery by chance. Suddenly, I thought the latter half of my career would be best spent on this field as a surgeon. So, you could say my driving force is experiencing setbacks before success.

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