Clubs and Activities

School Events

We host a number of school events to enhance our educational objectives of developing social skills.

Our school festival has two focuses; sports and culture. Our Sports Festival is a two-day event of fun competition between homerooms. In our Cultural Festival, homerooms do a display or a performance to celebrate the student-chosen theme. Every year, our festivals attract thousands of graduates, families, friends, and prospective students.

Other iconic events include our school trips. It is on these three-to-five-day trips that students have meaningful interactions with one another and develop new friendships. The trips are also about self-initiated learning and students do thorough research on a chosen theme related to their destinations.

Academically, the examinations are the most significant school event. Five times a year, students undergo a four-day testing period to be tested on what they have learned so far in the trimester.

Clubs and Sports


Makuhari Junior and Senior High School provides many opportunities for students to expand and explore their interests.  The average club member spends 2-3 hours a day, 4-5 days a week on club activities.  The clubs are structured in a way that improves not only artistic or athletic ability, but also the interpersonal skills of the members.

Many of our clubs have produced world class athletes, including an Olympic skater, an Olympic and World Cup soccer player, and J-League soccer players.  Club members have also won awards in science and robotics.  Our music clubs also have top level piano and violin players.  We encourage all students to participate in volunteer activities outside of school

We have fielded teams for the Japan Model United Nations competition (Global Classrooms).  Our teams have been selected as representatives of Japan for the International High School Model United Nations Conference every year since 2009.  Honorable Mentions were awarded in 2010 and 2012, and our team was awarded the prize for the Best Delegate in 2014.


Performing Acts


Tennis 81 Brass Band 59 Cooking 24
Swimming 50 Guitar 38 The Way of Tea 20
Track and Field 49 Chamber Music 30 Animation 15
Badmintion 44 Chorus 23 Art 14
Soccer 44 Drama 11 Igo-Shogi 14
Futsol 41 Drill, Cheerleading 10 Literature 12
Basketball 37 Broadcasting 9 Calligraphy 12
The Way of Archery 34 Subculture/Dance 7 Quiz 11
Baseball 33 English Performance 5 International 11
Volleyball 28 Railrays 10
Handball 26


Photography 6
Lacrosse 21 Astronomy 45 Yellow Fairy 1
Table Tennis 17 Physics 35
Wandervogel 14 Chemistry 13

Public Speaking

Kendo 14 Computer 10 Model UN 16
Gymnastics 8 Math 7 Debate 9
Karatedo 7
Rugby 6
Weight Lifting 5


Special Programs

Our students have opportunities to participate in educational trips to the U.S., the U.K., New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam and China.  In addition, our school hosts foreign exchange students from New Zealand, Singapore, China, and other countries every year.  Students are also given an opportunity to spend one whole year studying overseas in countries such as the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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