Global Seminar

The GLFC Program invited Sho Takahashi of the United Nations Industrial Development Fund, which is part of the United Nations International Development Organization (UNIDO) in Geneva, to deliver a lecture to our students. Mr. Takahashi was a member of the Shibu-Maku Class of 2003. The theme of his lecture was “Working Worldwide through Experiences in a Trading Company and an International Organization.”

Mr. Takahashi began by speaking about his various experiences such as being a member of the tennis club at Shibu-Maku and travelling around the world as a backpacker when he was a student. He also spoke about his internship at the headquarters of the United Nations when he was a graduate student and working in Central and South America and Southeast Asia while he was with the Mitsubishi Corporation. He then shared with us very intriguing and meaningful stories about moving from Mitsubishi Corporation to the United Nations International Development Fund and the pleasure of working with people in developing countries in Africa.

Despite our students bursting with questions throughout this lecture, they had to wait until the Q&A session to ask them. Mr. Takahashi readily addressed every question with very substantive answers. Due to this, our students fully understood and appreciated the weight of Mr. Takahashi’s closing statement, “Ambition changes our lives, but ambition is a result of our environment and the information available to us. It is better to regret having done something than to regret not having done anything.”

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