School Motto

The school motto, “Jicho-Jiko,” or “Self-Thinking, Self-Awareness”, is displayed at the front of every classroom in the school.  These words embody the concept that self-determination is essential to humanity.  One of our educational goals is to help each student to think and act independently and with a sense of responsibility.

Self-Thinking, Self-Awareness



As today’s students face many difficult choices in their lives, the “attainment of high ethical and moral standards” is extremely important.  The ability to cooperate with others, work as a team, and have a sense of obligation to society is expounded through the guidance of our teachers and fostered through numerous school events and educational trips.

Japan is becoming more and more involved in international relations.  Thus, the development of “internationally-minded individuals” is also a priority.  In order to fulfill their roles when coping with global issues and challenges in the twenty-first century, our graduates must be more diverse in their outlooks and broader in their perspectives. The promotion of cultural and environmental awareness is an essential part of our education, and is achieved through interaction and cooperation with people from other countries.

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