School Trips

School trips were held last week for Shibuya Makuhari students. During this week, students explored new places according to their own self-made plans. This has been a tradition of Shibuya Makuhari since the school was founded and reflects our motto, “Self-Thinking, Self-Awareness.” These trips help the students to mature by allowing them to experience new culture, interact with local people, and deal with unexpected issues while being away from their parents.
This year the junior high school 1st grade students went to Chiba Boso, south of Tokyo; the 2nd grade students went to Shinshu, in the central part of Japan; and the 3rd grade students went to Nara, an ancient capital of Japan.
The senior high school 1st grade students went to visit the “Peace City” of Hiroshima. The 2nd grade students went to one of two destinations; some students went to Kyushu in the western part of Japan, and other students went to China to discover the roots of Japanese culture. The senior high school 3rd grade students stayed at school to take mock entrance exams to make their dreams come true.

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